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We know it's important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It's important to us, too. That's why we strive to maintain the highest level of financial transparency and accountability.

Morgan Hill Responsible Growth Coalition will use all financial contributions responsibly and disclose how money is spent, upon request of our supporters.

About our use of contributions

Donations made to MHRGC are used specifically for fees and activities related to stopping proposals for large scale distribution centers from moving forward to the development phase:


  • Community outreach and support extended through our website (which has a monthly hosting fee), flyers, signs, and other media. On some occasions we might find it beneficial to host informational booths at public events that require a participation fee, for example, when we participated at Taste of Morgan Hill. We continue to keep costs to a minimum by using free social media tools whenever possible.

  • Fees for services by legal counsel and other experts. To date, we have received a great deal of free legal advice that has been tremendously helpful in educating our team on the steps we must follow to change the outcome of these city projects. For example, we filed state and federal documents to establish a non-profit status. In order to develop a comprehensive plan that considers all legal options available, we need to pay significant fees for legal counsel to conduct analysis specific to our situation. If  we choose to execute a legal option in the future, services of an attorney and potentially other experts will also be required.

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