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About Us


The Morgan Hill Responsible Growth Coalition (MHRGC) is now a registered California public benefit 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.

We are a grass roots team of individuals who support responsible growth in Morgan Hill.  We are also your neighbors. We had very humble beginnings as residents who shared a common objective to challenge City of Morgan Hill on their incongruously builder-centered decisions for land use in our city.

Our non-profit board members are all residents of Morgan Hill: Joe Baranowski, President; Bryan Espiritu, Secretary; and Ranga Rayudu, Treasurer.  We also have a diverse group of core team members with backgrounds in business, technology, education, health sciences, and construction management. We have a great team and you will probably notice that many of us are active on social media to discuss issues related to responsible growth in our community.

We believe new development should focus on bringing quality jobs, supporting existing businesses in our community, maintaining quality of life, and protecting the environment, not only on the revenue generated. Our Morgan Hill General Plan, Zoning Code, and Economic Blueprint represent endless hours of work by residents of our city. We want city leaders to show by action, not just words, these guiding documents are respected and followed.

We all work for the coalition as volunteers and have no paid positions within our organization. We also have no affiliation with any developer, business, or organization that has a financial interest in city projects. While we initially funded our efforts from our own wallets, we have started accepting donations. We appreciate your generous donations and are fully committed to the highest level of financial transparency and accountability.​

We look forward to the day when we can work collaboratively with city officials, residents, and builders, in an honest and transparent manner, to facilitate land developments that best serve our city today and for years to come.

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Embrace responsible growth and we can all help shape the future

Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire responsible growth by connecting people with informed choices.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of the community, we strive to empower residents to achieve collaborative participation with the City of Morgan Hill in a new era of responsible growth, development and productivity.

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